About Freethinking Jewboy

Freethinking Jewboy is a blog aimed at building community among “Orthodox nonbelievers.”  (For more details, please see my first blog post.)  If you support that goal, I welcome your involvement.  However, I ask that you endeavor to keep your comments civil and thoughtful.  Also, please bear in mind that this is not the place for philosophical or theological debates; that can be done elsewhere.  I do encourage you to express your beliefs or uncertainties about Judaism here, but not in the form of argument.  Admittedly that is a fine line, but one I think that can be walked.

I invite you to sign up for weekly email updates; the sign-up is currently at the bottom of the page.  (If you don’t feel comfortable using your regular email address, simply create a dummy account and set it to automatically forward its emails to your real account.)  Also, I encourage you to submit something of your own for publication on this site.  Send any submissions or inquiries to freethinkingjewboy@gmail.com.