Submissions Welcome


After experimenting the past few months as an ordinary tax-paying citizen, I am now delighted to recommence my calling as your friendly neighborhood kofer.  And while I will still be writing juicy stuff for you guys, I’d like to encourage you to submit writing of your own for publication on this site.  This way we can have a sort of long-form conversation between a whole bunch of us, which would make this thing so much cooler.  Plus, by writing such a piece, you get to sort out your feelings and be heard by others.  Also, this thing is hard to do by myself.  Win-win.

I’m looking for stuff relating to the conflict inherent in having Orthodox identity threatened, damaged, or destroyed by non-Orthodox beliefs.  Any story (fictional or non-fictional) or personal thoughts relating to this experience would fit right in.  What I am not looking for is a philosophical argument concerning religion or God – because that bores me.  However, the journey you took toward doubt or non-belief, told as a personal experience, would be fair game.

So, good kofer, send your tales to, pick a good pseudonym for yourself, and watch as your creation is disseminated before your very eyes!