Plans Raboisai

So, fellow kofrim and pals, here’s where I lay out a bit of the vision for this blog enterprise.  As I mentioned in my first post, my goal is not just to facilitate discussions over the web, but also to eventually create actual real-life meeting groups like mine, Freethinking Yidden.  I can’t overemphasize how much FY has helped me and some of my friends, so yeah I really stand behind this group thing idea.

FY is based in a neighborhood in NYC and is currently composed of mostly YU students and recent graduates.  I’d like to eventually have sister groups in Brooklyn and Queens, along with a group for older adults maybe in Midtown Manhattan.  And if there’s enough demand for other groups in frum centers like LA, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. I would support that as well.

Then there could be an overarching Facebook group (secret) linking everyone together.  I know there already exist OTD FB groups, but an additional one more narrowly tailored to “Orthodox nonbelievers” I think would be a powerful and awesome thing.

Do you have ideas, comments, criticisms?  Please do share.

(also guys please refrain from the name-using; after all this site is public.  i don’t mind much about my first name, but my last name for those who know it should be off limits on here.  you can call me Jewboy)

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